Welcome Suzanna, Tom and Tony to the Battle Creek Rotary Club!

New Members 2015.5.4

We proudly inducted three new members on May 4. (Pictured left to  right) Jim Lance and Chad Kyger, sponsors, Suzanna Whitcomb  (Old National Bank), Tom Beuchler (Schweitzer Construction) and  Tony Iovieno (Battle Creek Bombers). We welcome you to the Battle  Creek Rotary Club!


Program Update: Kevin Kellems from Mushin Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Program 2015.4 Brazilian jiu-jitsu Today, we had an outstanding demonstration and orientation to the philosophy  behind Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Thanks to Kevin Kellems from Mushin Brazilian jiu-  jitsu and martial arts and Jeremy Shaffer for an outstanding demonstration  today. Kevin and Jeremy demonstrated multiple self-defense techniques that  are taught through his program. Jiu Jitsu is based on leverage and principles to  control your opponent with body weight, positioning and bone structure. Jiu  Jitsu means the Gentle Art. Kevin offers classes for youth through adults,  male  and female. He can be reached on Facebook at Mushin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Welcome Amy, Mark and Matthew!

We inductNew members 2015.3.9ed our newest Rotarians (left to right), Amy Barnes  – Bronson at Home, Mark Crawford – Bronson Battle Creek  and Matthew Montange – Harper Creek High School. They  are pictured with their sponsors, Karla Fales (far left) and  Chad Kyger (far right). We proudly welcome you to the  Rotary Club of Battle Creek!!!

Red Rose Celebration

The Red Rose Celebration is Monday, May 18th. At our upcoming meetings, we will have a sign up sheet for Rotarians who plan to attend. Rotarians interested in bringing a guest are being asked to cover the cost of their meal which is $20. The Red Rose luncheon is being held at the Battle Creek Country Club at 12:00 Noon.