Program Update: Joe Sobieralski, CEO – Battle Creek Unlimited

Joe Sobieralski

John Godfrey introduced Joe Sobieralski as today’s speaker. Joe is the President and CEO of Battle Creek Unlimited, a non-profit economic development organization that oversees “Business” attraction and retention, primarily at facilities located in the Ft. Custer Industrial Park. The mission of BCU is “Generating investment and job creation in our community.” BCU came into existence 40 years ago when 3000 acres were donated for the purpose of economic development as the Ft. Custer military presence was downsized. At present there are 100 companies, 25 of which are international, working out of the Industrial Park. More land is currently being developed in the hopes that it will be “shovel ready” in order to attract more business to our community. In addition to the Ft. Custer development, BCU partners with the Chamber of Commerce and other Battle Creek non-profits to help our community grow and flourish.

Thanks Joe for your leadership and we look forward to the future as we share in the development and growth of our Battle Creek community.