Program Update: Mayor Dave Walters

Dave Walters 2017.2.6Battle Creek’s Mayor, Dave Walters – aka Battle Creek’s #1 cheerleader – was this week’s speaker. Dave has spent his life in the Battle Creek community and is serving his 3rd term as mayor. He is a graduate of Lakeview High School and has taught at Kellogg Community College. Dave retired from the Battle Creek Police Department and is a VP and Financial Consultant for Hilliard Lyons. He enjoys mountain biking, participating in martial arts and shooting. Dave also serve on the executive board of BCU and on the board of Global HapKiDo Association/Korean Martial Arts.

Using a motto that was developed by the Community Foundation, Dave encouraged us to “Believe in Battle Creek!” “Battle Creek needs cheerleaders” declared our Mayor. “There are so many positive things going on in our community. They need to be shared.” Dave challenged us to realize that “Change Happens” and that we need to embrace our community in the midst of change. He also shared with us that there are many “Great Prospects” that will make a difference. From the potential of a “Missile Defense System,” that is a real possibility for Ft. Custer, to a partnership with China and South Korea that will bring up to 1500 students to our community, there are many exciting things happening in Battle Creek. Dave believes that there are some great days ahead for our city and he, along with the City Commissioners, will do everything possible to see that Battle Creek not only survives, but thrives. Thanks Dave for your leadership and hard work. Let’s all “Believe in Battle Creek” and make our community a great place to live, work and play!