Program Update: Senator Mike Nofs

Nofs 2017.1.30Today’s speaker was State Senator Mike Nofs. Mike was re-elected in 2014 by the citizens of the “new” 19th Senate district for his 2nd full term. Before his re-election, Mike served 6 years in the State House of Representatives where his ability to work across party lines earned him the respect of his colleagues and the distinction of having over a dozen bills signed into law.

“We’re coming off a pretty good couple of years, so I thought I’d start” began Mike, “by sharing some good news.”

1. Michigan ranks #1 in the nation for new manufacturing jobs.

2. Michigan is also #1 in per-capita income growth in the Great Lakes region and 7th nationally.

3. The population in Michigan has grown for 5 straight years.

4. The current unemployment is 5.4% which is a 15 year low.

5. Housing values have increased 44% over the last 6 years.

“So all in all, this is just great news” Mike declared. Mike also shared that: “Last session was a busy and rewarding one for me personally. I had 9 bills signed into law, including the major energy bill re-write, which took over 2 years of complete.”

The “Big Issues” for 2017 involve corrections reform, unfunded pension and healthcare liability, infrastructure funding, ‘Healthy MI,’ technical education and atonomous vehicles. All of these are intended to keep Michigan growing in the right direction.