Congratulations Rotarian Larry Anderson!

Congratulations Larry Anderson for receiving the Dale G. Griffin Healthcare Leadership Award!

Anderson Griffin AwardLarry (middle) is pictured with (l to r) Steve Frisbie and Ron Slagell, Lifecare Ambulance, Bob DeVries and Jim McKernan.

Dale Griffin was a longtime healthcare trustee and community leader who passed away in 2001. To honor his work and legacy, the Griffin Healthcare Leadership Award was created and is presented each year to recognize exemplary contributions that improve the quality and accessibility of health care in the Battle Creek community.

First winner of the Griffin Award in 2011 was Chris Christ. The sixteen winners since have included community leaders, healthcare trustees, and long-serving physicians. Current Rotarian Brenda Hunt is among the past recipients.

Larry S. Anderson was honored for a lifetime of healthcare service in both a professional and volunteer capacity. His career has included administrative leadership at Leila Hospital, Battle Creek Health System, and Lifecare Ambulance. His volunteer and governance work spans the community, but includes the Calhoun County Board of Health, American Ambulance Association, and service as president of the Rotary during our centennial year.